WARRANTY INFORMATION IGNITING CELLULAR SOLUTIONS supplies with each handset a specific warranty. IGNITING CELLULAR SOLUTIONS provides each handset with A specific warranty option list below:


The IGNITING CELLULAR SOLUTIONS Standard Warranty covers a handset for a period of 24 months from date of dispatch of the handset to the customer UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.


          All the IMPORTED PRODUCTS warranty entirely giving by IGNITING CELLULAR for at least 6 months.


Terms of Warranty Declination Which factors would deem devices as NON-WARRANTY?

•           Physical damage

•           Liquid damage

•           Unauthorized repair

•           Downloading of illegal software

•           Non-manufacturer approved accessories

•           Viruses

•           Acts of God

Warranty Claim In the event a handset becomes defective and a warranty claim by the customer is in order, a claim must be reported to IGNITING CELLULAR SOLUTIONS first, after which the handset must be returned in the original condition to IGNITING CELLULAR SOLUTIONS (unless otherwise instructed by IGNITING CELLULAR SOLUTIONS) – complete with packaging and all associated accessories as per original purchase. The customer must bear the delivery/return cost  for the return of the handset to IGNITING CELLULAR SOLUTIONS. The customer will undertake the responsibility of arranging a delivery method to IGNITING CELLULAR SOLUTIONS.